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Group meditations meet using jitsi

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About Us

Hello! This is an online meditation group using video hangouts to meet across various time zones.

We have practitioners from many backgrounds,including ordained Sangha. Our mission is to provide a safe, all inclusive place for people to meditate.

If you have questions, suggestions or just want to reach out, feel free to contact us a thabkeydorje@gmail.com


After many years of online meditations we have plans to continue reaching out to the entire world and people of all backgrounds offering authentic meditation guidance according to tradition but also modern science.

Since we have people from contemplative backgrounds with many years of experience we can help guide each other when needed. We also have mental health professionals and experienced practitioners joining who are willing to help.

All donations will go towards supporting the organizers in their Dharma activities and the Meditation platform itself.

While we may have backgrounds from Buddhism, MBSR, and other related fields, Meditation Online isn’t affiliated with any businesses or religions.