Daily 9AM and 9PM Eastern US time

Group meditations meet usingĀ jitsi

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About Us

This group is intended to be all inclusive and modern in the sense of creating a new kind of space. Every person can have a voice and a kind of ownership within the group. Traditionally it’s known that every sentient being is ultimately a Buddha so in that sense we can empower one another with minimum use of hierarchy while still preserving lineage and transmission. A grass roots, very human, and accessible approach presented in harmony with modern science and traditional methodology.

The lineage and transmission is very important with practices like Dzogchen, Mahamudra and Zen. Getting empowerments from living recognized masters, following your teachers advice, and doing any preliminary practices is recommended. If the practitioner is ready then they can begin awareness practices which, in a modern sense, can start with an introduction to awareness.

Please come and go as you feel, there are no rules about attendance.